The Weekend Playlist – Week ending February 9th 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to The Weekend Playlist where we tell you whats been occupying our weekends so that you may get some recommendations or be dissuaded from certain titles. This week me, Callum & ThaMaskedGamer have got some great recommendations for all of you so lets get started.


Matthew McNamee; Chief Editor at UGNN:

Last Game you Played – The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors

OK so the last game I played this week was the phenomenal second episode for Telltale Games‘ The Wolf Among Us which tells the tale of Fabletown sheriff Bigby Wolf as he tries to solve a murder investigation. Fantastic game to add to Telltale’s list of games and a very fine detective game at the same time. A Must play game for anyone.

Last Movie you Watched – Stay Alive

The Last Movie I watched this weekend was 2006 Horror Movie; Stay Alive about a group of friends who come into possession of a PS2 beta title called Stay Alive; A Survival Horror title in which the player character has  to discover the truth about a set of murders which infamous blood countess, Elizabeth Bathory committed however the group soon find out that the game is deadly and that if they die in the game, They die the same way in real life. This is definitely a must watch for fans of Horror & fans of Gaming.

Last TV Show you Watched – Dirty Sanchez

OK so if you have never seen this show, Then you need to watch this although it is highly advised that you also have a sick bag nearby. Dirty Sanchez is the Welsh/British equivalent of Jackass however they are a lot more extreme than Johnny Knoxville and friends as these guys push themselves to the absolute limit including dragging each other over grip tape and then pouring Salt & Vinegar on the wounds and putting staples in their tongues, ears and fingernails just to name a few of their stunts. This show makes Jackass look like the Teletubbies. A Must Watch show.

*Please be warned that the following clips may contain scenes of violence, swearing, full frontal male nudity which some viewers may find offensive. Not suitable for people under the age of 18. Watch with caution.*

Last Book or Article you Read – Shia LaBeouf attending the Nymphomaniac premiere

OK so I just recently read that Shia LaBeouf attended the premiere of his recent film “Nymphomaniac” wearing a paper bag over his head that said “I Am Not Famous Anymore” due to all the recent controversy he has acquired while making the flick. After reading this, I just couldn’t help laughing.

Shia LaBeouf attends Nymphomaniac Premiere wearing Paper Bag

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless

So not to long ago, I was watching Kick-Ass again and as soon as the end credits played; One of my favorite rock songs got stuck in my head again in the form of Make Me Wanna Die from American Alternative Rock Band; The Pretty Reckless. Give it a listen below.


ThaMaskedGamer; YouTube Uploader & Associate of UGNN:

Last Game you Played – Warface

Warface is a free to play game made by crytek and seeing i just said made by crytek you should think this game is gonna be great well let me tell you its better than great its amazing; Warface is the BEST Free to Play Game out there.

Last Movie you Watched – Curse of Chucky

Didnt watch it this week but i have watched it and seeing its the only film i can remember and talk about so here it goes chucky is BACK!!! and better than ever this film is amazing im a big fan of the Chucky Series and think this is by far one of the best.

Last TV Show you Watched – Helix

So I’m still watching Helix and still finding it pretty entertaining after the third episode.

Last Book or Article you Read – Call of Duty 3 Year Development Cycle

I Read this and was kind of disappointed that Treyarch wont be doing this years call of duty but we will have to see what sledgehammer bring out.

Call of Duty Gets a 3 Year Development Cycle

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – We are the Mess by Eskimo Callboy

I Cant Stop listening to this song very catchy if your into metal music


Callum Littlemore; Associate of UGNN:

Last Game you Played – Payday 2

Payday 2 is a brilliant team based heist game. Together with up to 3 friends you form a band of criminals and heisters whos sole job is to commit increasingly difficult heists and robberies to make, you guessed it, stacks of cash. You also get some of the cash from your heists to spend improving your weapons, equipment and masks. Overall a good game but you defiantly need a group of friends to make the game fun.

Last Movie you Watched – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Now I know I should’ve got around to this long ago but I have now finally seen the 2nd Hobbit Movie and I have to give it to Peter Jackson….. He done good. Now the 2nd Hobbit was always going to be more fast paced and action packed than No.1 but its certainly one of the best films I have seen so far. The film overall is great and bar 1 or 2 minor gripes (mostly due to portrayal of certain characters) it sticks very close to the books and keeps most of the lore correct. Defiantly worth a watch and has certainly got my inner LOTR fan buzzing with excitement.

Last TV Show you Watched – Game of Thrones

With Season 4 looming, Trailers and Fan Videos swarming the internet I just couldnt resist going back to refresh my AGOT knowledge. Season 4 is set to be more action packed and bursting with shocking events than Seasons 1-3 combined but so much is hinted at in Season 3 I just couldn’t resist the temptation to re-watch it and get myself hyped for the new Season. 6th of April here I come.

Last Book or Article you Read – N/A

Sorry, I haven’t read anything this week.

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – Especially for You by Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan

Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan worked together to create this masterpiece of love songs back in 1989. Its a lovely mix between a soft and slow love song and a catchy pop tune that came to represent the late 1980’s. Its a very catchy song with a lovely message. However be warned, once you have heard it once it WILL become stuck in your head.

So that’s it for The Weekend Playlist this week. What do you think of our Playlists? What were yours? Anything you’d like to recommend to us? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook or Twitter Page & Be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews aswell as next weeks edition of The Weekend Playlist. Until Next time, Stay Frosty Guys.

Article by Matthew McNamee, Callum Littlemore & ThaMaskedGamer

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