Rumor: GameFreak working on Pokemon Plus & Pokemon Minus

After last year saw the release of the first fully 3D Pokemon Games on a Handheld console in the form of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y, It would seem that GameFreak are not taking a break if this recent rumor is to be believed. According to this recent rumor, GameFreak are currently at work on 2 new Pokemon games for the Wii U called Pokemon Plus & Pokemon Minus.

With this rumor came a ton of details which you can check out below:

  • GameFreak were one of the first developers inside Nintendo  to receive Alpha Prototype Hardware, Which has now been upgraded to the Beta-Prototype Hardware.
  • A few Areas have been marked out with Tons of Concept Art traveling between Pokemon Company & Nintendo Co Ltd.
  • GameFreak plans to completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process
  • The development team is “going to put a lot of ideas they have wanted to do for years in this game”
  • Two Versions already have code names, possibly final: Pokemon Plus & Pokemon Minus
  • Theme is “Old Tradition VS New Exploration”
  • New Region, no name yet, is based on South East Asia with one large peninsula and many smaller islands
  • Three New Starters; Nameless as of this moment: Water evolves into Water/Steel and is a squat, teardrop shaped humanoid that has a jar filled with water on its head and as it evolves it grows taller and the jar bigger until it needs another set of arms to hold it on its head. Fire evolves into Fire/Fairy and is a cute tiny goat with fire blowing out of its horns, it’s horns and look evolves more menacing until it has curly ram like horns and a motorcycle hot-rod red-like look. Grass evolves into a Grass/Electric and starts with a leaf for a face with a rubbery root as a body and evolves until it grows into an electric producing palm tree with each flower petal having a different face
  • The main legendary for Pokemon Plus is a Shi-Foo Lion looking Psychic/Ground type that has multiple faces, the Pokemon Minus legendary is a Ghost/Fairy type that has two dashes for eyes and has a hurricane-like appendages with many arms and hands
  • More traditional Pokemon-like gameplay will be on the Handheld controller while an all new gameplay aspect will be on the terminal unit
  • The “Pokken Fighters” render that was teased was running on Alpha Kits where the Beta Kits have advanced cell shading with the game going for a very detailed “Living Anime” look similar to that of 2013’s Ni No Kuni
  • The new “Team” villains are described as a bunch of “Sohei Zelots”-types who have discovered the player’s best friend as a reincarnation of a special type of person who only is alive every 100 years. They believe the old system where people were given a Pokemon egg and they stick to that Pokemon until they die and who’s function in society dictate what role that person is. They are against the “modern” trend of Pokemon Trainers and capturing multiple Pokemon and are making a holy pilgrimage to evoke the old Legendaries to turn everything back to normal. They keep the player away from their friend, saying the special one (who can do amazing things like mega evolve Pokemon without the use of a mega ring) only love is that of Pokemon and not people. It is planned to be reveal later that for the special one to fulfill their role in society they must be mortally sacrificed to awaken the legendaries.
  • Routes connection the island together are water bridges but clumps of island are connected together by underwater tunnels.
  • There is a “Stone Slowking” statue that is a parody of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Thailand.
  • Many Pokemon from Hoenn and Sinnoh will make a return.
  • Variety of Pokemon Gyms, one is a mail system that only uses flying types and focuses on sky battles. One only uses baby Pokemon, one is implied to be a real vampire and uses Ghost and Dark Pokemon. There is also a military like leader who uses Fire and Steel Pokemon.
  • The island gameplay with Gym Leaders and the Elite Four island can be played entirely on the Handheld and can be blown up on the Terminal for home play.
  • New Pokemon Type similar to Shinies, no details yet on how they work but I’ve been told they “change the game significantly”.
  • The “Mainland” is an MMO-like environment that is exclusive to the Terminal and is shared by both versions.
  • Players all over the world online can chat, trade, intermingle and experience new-updated story lines on the mainland.
  • Pokemon Band is a new mechanic introduced to get people involved who do not battle, a co-operative experience where Pokemon dance and make music together to achieve the highest group score.
  • Pokemon Bank are actual locations on the Mainland and Handheld areas where people can import past Pokemon, mainly from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y into the new game.

If this rumor is proven to be true; then it seems that Nintendo have 2 Pokemon games in development which will go alongside their big titles on Wii U this year like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Hryule Warriors, Donkey Kong & Fire Emblem. The person who revealed this rumor was the same person who revealed that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix was coming before Square announced it however they have got some rumors wrong before so please take this with a huge grain of salt. As expected, Nintendo has declined to comment on this rumor.

So what do you think? Judging by the legendaries; Which version would you buy? Which starter would you choose? Do you want a Pokemon game in the same style of Ni No Kuni? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for more news on this rumor when it becomes available.

Article by Matthew McNamee

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9 thoughts on “Rumor: GameFreak working on Pokemon Plus & Pokemon Minus

  1. I’m not sure if this is true with the main pokemon games all being handheld, like where it has a full story and you are a trainer, so on, so forth. though the wii u has some games handheld, it it still highly unlikely unless nintendo will change a usual routine (which they probably won’t). Also I hope it’s not true because I dont have a wii u.:'(

  2. Sounds intriguing, but it is way too early to develop these as a so-called Generation Vi. Game Freak still needs to develop Pokemon Z and RadiantRuby/StormSapphire Versions. Also, I’m calling BS because Satoshi Taijiri stated that the main series of Pokemon would remain handheld exclusives. Also, two versions on Wii U? How the hell are you supposed to trade between them?

  3. And all this talk of a religious theme and physical sacrifices? You seriously think Nintendo of America is going to produce that? And back to two versions for Wii U…uh, seriously? That’d be like going back to the Gamecube era and making “Pokemon Colosseum: Ruby Version” and “Pokemon Colosseum: Sapphire Version”. It makes no sense.
    Just give me the damn Bank already, Nintendo.

  4. to tell you the truth game freak should start a new game like digemon or yughio or somthing.Pokemon has gone so far that there starting to connect pokemon to relogous statuses and all that.

    1. what did you say JK
      oh and guys I am developing a game called Vata: World of the V-Monz
      V-Monz stands for Virtual Monsterz it is almost done

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