Guerilla Cambridge recruiting for PlayStation 4 title

2013 was a good year for Sony with the launch of the PS4, PS3 games like The Last of Us & Beyond Two Souls and to top it all off an excellent PlayStation Vita line-up and among them was First Person Shooter; Killzone Mercenary but alas after the release of Killzone Mercenary it doesn’t look like Sony Developer; Guerilla Cambridge are taking a break.

A senior environment artist ad aims to attract a developer who has experience on recent AAA console games and can deliver quality texturing on the PS4 and the PS3. A senior graphics programmer is also needed and the announcement says that he will work on a major project that uses an already established rendering engine. If Guerilla Cambridge is making a PlayStation 4 game, It is more than likely that since the studio is linked to the main Guerilla Games team, They will use the same technology used to create Killzone: Shadow Fall.

As of this moment it is unknown whether this will be a brand new IP or a new entry in a long-running series. In the meantime check out the trailer for their most recent game; Killzone Mercenary below.

So what do you think? Would you like this to be an original IP or a previous Guerilla franchise? I’m personally hoping for MediEvil 3 or Primal 2 but anyway thats just me. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews.

Article by Matthew McNamee

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2 thoughts on “Guerilla Cambridge recruiting for PlayStation 4 title

  1. Me too, I’d like them to develop Medievil 3 and Primal 2 but I don’t think they will. At least not for now, maybe in a year or two things will start looking less grim for these IPs, specially for Primal. Medievil has an active fanbase that keeps it alive, Primal doesn’t have that, many people played it and liked it but unfortunately this game has been massively overlooked since day one.

    Even if Sony decides to renew these IPs, it may be better to give them to an indie studio because Guerrilla Cambridge is working on something else, the artwork I’ve seen on VG leaks suggest a entirely new IP, and these games are not exactly mainstream either. There are a couple of petitions for both games on Gamer Petitions, best case scenario those petitions get enough signatures and the fans let Sony know they want these games back, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Petitions are just a way for gamers to express themselves after all. Sony is not like Nintendo with the way they treat their IPs and they have to compete with MS on top of that. This means they’re gonna put aside anything that doesn’t perform well enough, they always do that, Sony has abandoned many IPs and the few they have continued, like God of War, are now starting to feel overused.

    The only way I see Primal 2 and Medievil 3 happening is as small projects because right now what Sony only wants something new and mainstream to make the PS4 attractive for all those people who bought it and now are wondering where are the new games.
    They’re not gonna be revisiting any of their previous exclusive IPs for now.
    So, today’s not gonna happen, but maybe tomorrow things change.

    1. I wouldn’t be certain with that answer there. There could be a possibility that they will return as Sony recently mentioned in a developers conference that they want to bring back old franchises. While no franchises were mentioned in said conference. One that was mentioned with the possibility of a franchise was Knack which if you haven’t played it yet is a very fun and enjoyable platformer. Anyway can’t wait to see what it is. Thanks for commenting.

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