Dead Rising 3 Review

In 2006, Capcom showed the world a new take on the Zombie Apocalypse exclusive to the Xbox 360 called Dead Rising which had a very similar premise to Dawn of the Dead. 1 Man, A ton loads of Zombies & A Shopping mall with a group of Psychopaths thrown in for good measure. The game showed that the Zombie apocalypse doesn’t just have to be dark and depressing with you being able to use anything and everything as a weapon. They then stepped it up with further installments which introduced bigger worlds & more weapons including a theme park in one of said installments but now the Dead Rising series has reverted back to being an Xbox Exclusive with the latest entry, Dead Rising 3 launching with the Xbox One but how is this game compared to the previous games.

The game is set 48 hours after a zombie apocalypse and sees new protagonist; Young Mechanic Nick Ramos trying to survive the dangers of the Zombie ridden Los Perididos. Along the way, Nick comes across survivors who have become Psychopaths, A Huge Government conspiracy & finally unravels a huge mystery in his life. After hearing that Los Perididos is to be firebombed in 5 Days, Nick sets out to find the parts to fix up an old military plane and get those he cares about aswell as other survivors out of Los Perididos for good before it becomes nothing more than ash.


The game introduces a slew of new features, The most notable being the new vehicle combination system that allows Nick to combine two vehicles together by having both vehicles near each other including the Rollerhawg; A Combination between A Motorbike & A Steamroller. These new vehicles add something fresh to a franchise that has pretty much done it all. Another added improvement is the amount of Zombies that can appear on screen at once, I mean I’ve completed the game twice and I’m already over 21,000 zombies killed. Another new feature is a huge open world environment which adds to the optional side objectives with some missions seeing you have to scour the rooftops for Tarot Cards to traveling across all 4 segments of the map to take a dying woman on a tour of Los Perididos.

Obviously as the title suggests, The main enemies of the game is the undead however there are more than just Zombies to fight in the game including the psychopath boss battles which include A Female Bodybuilder, A character from one of the older games & A Military Sergeant to name a few. Other enemies in the game include heavily mutated Zombies that have Queens in the skin, Soldiers working with the US Government & Crazed Bikers. The game also has numerous weapons such as Electric Prods & Chainsaws aswell as the return of the combo weapons (Which can now be made anywhere if you have blueprints) including new combos like the Tactical Handgun, A Sledgesaw & A Super Crossbow aswell as returning classics such as the Nail Bat, Freedom Bear & The Laser Sword. The game also features numerous references to pop culture like Planet of the Apes, Breaking Bad, Dead Rising 2, Megaman X, Street Fighter & Planet Terror to name a few.


The only problems I had with this game was the fact that sometimes when your trying to get past all the zombies they always grab you leading to a grapple sequence in which you must either mash a certain button or thrust the controller in a certain direction (or if you have the Kinect switched on you can do a pushing movement) which when done on numerous occasion becomes quite frustrating aswell as the fact its not as humorous as the other titles. Other than these slight problems the game is perfectly fine and the Kinect features are a delight to have as it gives the zombies more awareness which in turn adds to the games difficulty.

All in all, Dead Rising 3 is a fantastic entry in the series and a great first leap onto the next gen easily being the best Next Gen title released so far. The Storyline is fantastic with some great surprise moments. If there is a game out there to buy an Xbox One for its this one.

My score – 9/10

Dead Rising 3 Stamp_128x128

The Good:

  • Fantastic Storyline
  • Great Character Development
  • Combo Vehicles & Weapons
  • Good Kinect Features
  • Funny Psychopaths based around the 7 Deadly Sins

The Bad:

  • Humor could’ve been better
  • Zombies constantly grabbing you can be Frustrating

Review by Matthew McNamee


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