Frozen: Olaf’s Quest Review

For years, Disney have been trying to make a film based on Hans Christian Anderson‘s Story; The Snow Queen and after all this time, Disney has finally succeeded with Frozen and with this new film they have also made a video game adaptation called Olaf’s Quest which centers around the loveable snowman from the film but how is this video game?

The game centers around Olaf in an epilogue to the film and sees Olaf making his way across 60 levels inspired by different times of the year such as Winter and Summer in which he must make it to the end of each level picking up as many collectables as possible in each level.


The gameplay for Frozen is that of a generic side scrolling platformer with very light puzzle elements. The game has numerous things to do even though limited such as performing a special jump to get to certain collectables or throwing your head across dangerous thorns to get them which also adds to the humor of the game. Each level has around 15-30 collectables per level with some requiring you to think in order to retrieve them which adds a sense of puzzle gameplay aswell as using your common knowledge.

Along the way Olaf will encounter numerous enemies which he can stomp on or knock them out of the way by rolling his body into a colossal snowball. Olaf can also use a helicopter jump move similar to that of Rayman in the Rayman Platformer series and the game features appearances from characters in the film such as the trolls & Sven even making an appearance in certain levels. The game also has a customization menu so you can make Olaf look the way you want him to by giving him an assortment of Hats, Scarfs, Gloves & more.


There are a few slight problems but nothing at all major. The 1st of my 2 problems with the game is the lack of fully 3D cutscenes or even dialogue which I know for certain the 3DS can handle as was proven with Metal Gear Solid 3D & Kingdom Hearts 3D. While I know this game is nothing like those 2 titles, I think 3D cutscenes like in those games could’ve helped benefit this game and propel the scale of its humor. The only other problem I had with this game is that it was just a little too easy considering the difficulty changes in family platformers like Rayman Legends & Super Mario 3D World have shown however I do understand that this is a game directed at children which is why it is nothing at all major. Other than these few problems the game is a perfectly enjoyable family title.

All in all, Frozen: Olaf’s Quest while lacking a proper story is still faithful to the light hearted fun of the film and a fantastic platformer similar to that of the recent Rayman games. This is also a title which is relatively cheap to buy which in my opinion makes this game a steal. This title is a must have for Children, Adults, Fans of Platformers & Fans of Disney. This game is definitely worth a buy especially considering its cheap price tag. A Must Buy.

My Score – 8/10


The Good:

  • Excellent Platforming
  • Humorous Moves
  • Fun Puzzle Elements
  • Plenty of Collectables

The Bad:

  • Very Short Game
  • Lack of Dialogue or 3D Cutscenes

Review by Matthew McNamee


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