Minecraft PS3 Edition Review

Since its release back in 2009, Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon spawning multiple t-shirts, plush toys, internet memes and a lot more mainly based on Steve & The Creepers. The game has recently spanned out across numerous platforms and has just hit the PlayStation 3 console but how does it fair.

The game has no specific plot and sees the player plopped into a vast open terrain with trees, mountains and more giving you a true sense of freedom with the ability to create whatever you want whether it be a wooden log cabin or Hogwarts Castle. It is truly up to the player to decide.


The games default setting is first person gameplay however that can easily be changed to third person. The game world is essentially composed of rough 3D objects—mainly cubes—that are arranged in a fixed grid pattern and represent different materials, such as dirt, stone, various ores, water, and tree trunks. While players can move freely across the world, objects and items can only be placed at fixed locations relative to the grid. Players can gather these material blocks and place them elsewhere, thus allowing for various constructions.

The game also has numerous hostiles like genuine enemies such as Large Spiders, Skeletons & Zombies aswell as enemies unique to Minecraft like the infamous Creepers who explode after sneaking up on the player character & the Enderman which is a creature that has the ability to teleport and pick up bricks. The game also has numerous modes including Survival Mode, Adventure Mode & Multiplayer.


As far as problems go; there is only one and that is with the world errors. I have been on numerous servers and every single one has the same errors unless I’m hosting it but the errors don’t move even if I leave and renter the game. Other than this the game has no other problems to report.

All in all, Minecraft: PS3 Edition is well worth the £12.99 price tag on the PlayStation Store and to make things even better there is a festive skin pack available now and their is textures still to come to the PlayStation store and like most developers they will probably release updates to iron out the creases. Otherwise this is exactly like the Xbox 360 Edition of the game.

My Score – 9/10


The Good:

  • Very Addictive Gameplay
  • Real sense of Freedom
  • Ability to create anything

The Bad:

  • Creepers can be frustrating at times
  • World Errors across Servers

Review by Connor Cleminson


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