Seasons Greetings Everyone from the UGNN Team

Hello everyone and Seasons Greetings. Its Christmas Eve and so we here at UGNN thought we would share with you a little Christmas Card of ours to Wish you all the best this holiday season. It’s been a tough year getting started in this thriving industry but thanks to you guys (Our Readers) and all your support; we are slowly but surely getting more popular by the day. We know there has been a lack of content at times but we are still aiming to bring you the latest news and reviews as soon as we possibly can. Check out our Christmas Card Below:

Christmas Wishes

In the card is characters from some of the biggest games hitting your consoles next year. Can you name them all? Expect some more news content this week with Our Reviews (Well at least some of Our Reviews) of 2013 in gaming with our top 10 Worst Games & top 10 Best Games of the Year and I will personally hold my own little Game Awards to celebrate the best of this year. We are leaving it until New Year but as soon as January 1st 2014 comes, We will be starting our Retro Corner articles where we will cover most of the greats such as Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Sunshine & Resident Evil.

We will be doing a few articles this week but not many due to Christmas so if we don’t publish anything between now and boxing day, We would like to wish you a very merry Christmas or if you are of certain religion we wish you a wonderful holiday season and lets all hope that 2014 is as good a year in gaming as this year.

Warmest Regards & Holiday Greetings

Matthew, Callum, Connor & ThaMaskedGamer

Article by Matthew McNamee

Article Assistants – Callum Littlemore, Connor Cleminson & ThaMaskedGamer (YouTube Uploader)



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