Sony files trademark for Arc the Lad

In an interesting turn of events, It would seem that the internet has stumbled upon yet another trademark filed. This time the trademark in question is from Sony and it is for Arc the Lad. In case you didn’t know, Arc the Lad is considered as one of Sony’s only JRPG franchises along with Legend of the Dragoon released for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 however they were only released in Japan until Publisher Working Designs brought them over to the US in 2002. To this day, they have only graced European PlayStation 3‘s via the PlayStation Network.

The last game in the series was released in 2004 and since then the series has lay dormant however Sony could be gearing up to resurrect the series.


On November 22nd, Sony filed the trademark in question for “Arc the Lad” for “Computer game software, video game software, video game machine for use with televisions for personal use, computer and video games on CD ROMs; and video game cartridges,”. and while of course this could just be Sony renewing the trademark; It could also possibly mean that Sony are planning an Arc the Lad reboot on PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation Vita.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Arc the Lad come back? Do you think we will see a reboot on PS4? Do you think Legend of the Dragoon should be brought back aswell? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below and stay tuned to UGNN for more news on this if it becomes available.

Article by Matthew McNamee


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