Lego Marvel Superheroes Review

For just under 7 decades, Lego has been one of the primary forms of entertainment for many generations of children going from being a brand new toy all the way back in 1949 to a global phenomenon now with numerous toy sets, theme parks & even movies under its name brand however one of the most recognizable forms of lego entertainment in this generation is Video Games which at first were really bad including (pardon the pun) Blocky controls. Then in came Traveller’s Tales who done something that nobody was expecting; they took a legendary movie franchise and gave it a lego makeover. The result was Lego Star Wars which was a critical success which quite frankly made Lego games what they are today. After Star Wars, Traveller’s Tales helped make Lego a brand likeable to Children & Adults not only through toys but video games aswell with even more popular franchises like Indiana Jones, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter & even The Lord of the Rings getting the lego treatment and now its time for Marvel Comics to get the same treatment but does it live up to expectation?

For the game, Traveller’s Tales & Marvel Comics came up with a brand new story which sees Galactus preparing to make the Earth his next snack sending the Silver Surfer down to search the planet however upon arrival; Silver surfer is blasted shattering his board into cosmic bricks. Knowing that the cosmic bricks will cause trouble, Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D. ask for the help of all the heroes of the marvel universe as they prepare to stop Dr. Doom, Loki & all of the other Marvel villains from wiping out the heroes and taking over the planet.


As far as gameplay goes, the game is extremely similar to previous lego installments but the gameplay mechanics are still great and as they say if its not broke, don’t fix it (although fixing is technically the point of lego) and the gameplay still retains the fun element that makes the game enjoyable by both children and adults. Also returning in this game is voice acting with a barrage of very famous video game voice actors who star in the game with a huge list of names including Nolan North, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, John DiMaggio & Roger Craig Smith to name a few aswell as Clark Gregg who reprises his role as Agent Coulson and Stan Lee who reprises his role for cameo appearances aswell as a playable character. Also to add, The humor returns in this entry of the series which sort of brings the Whedon-esque humor to the Lego world whether it be Hulk smashing up the enemies and ripping shorts to Deadpool telling children that they shouldn’t eat yellow snow.

As previously mentioned above, Stan Lee makes an appearance as a cameo in the form of the citizen in peril which requires plenty of time and serves as a great way to keep players addicted in order to find all of them. Another thing that returns in this entry of the lego series is Minikits which require you to complete certain tasks or puzzles in the main story levels and like all of the previous entries before lego marvel; there are 10 to collect in each level which when collected creates a lego comic strip. Of course I’m talking about all the stuff lego fans have come to expect so I shall move on to my next positive experience in this game; The world outside of the story. The hub of Lego Marvel is huge and is essentially a full lego reworking of New York City complete with Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and who could forget; Marvel Comics H.Q. aswell as a fully explorable flying Helicarrier complete with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. The world is so huge it could easily take at least a week to unlock everything on offer in this huge open world.


Obviously as you can expect, the graphics on the characters are not exactly great although in truth buying a lego game for the graphics is like buying Nightmare on Elm Street to help you sleep. Anyway all of that aside, This is easily one of the best looking Lego games ever made (Seconded by Lord of the Rings) however I did experience a few minor cases of the game freezing which I can only assume is due to the console trying to run so much content. The only other glitch I experienced in this game is during one of the gold brick follow missions in which the trail disappears mid mission. Other than that, Lego Marvel is problem free.

Of course the big change with this game is of course the big figs which are (as the name suggests) much bigger and stronger than the regular characters and while this is a big change in the style of characters, there is only a few big figs which include obvious characters like The Thing, The Hulk & Abomination to more unexpected big figs like Venom, Groot & The Lizard. Then we have the characters and Traveller’s Tales do not disappoint with big names like Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man & Deadpool to more obscure characters like Howard the Duck, Captain Britain & even Squirrel Girl however there was a lack of a few characters like Man Thing, X-23 & Cloak & Dagger.


Overall, Lego Marvel Superheroes is a fantastic addition to the lego series and is sure to keep players busy well until the next lego game comes out because even if you complete everything; It is just that fun that you will want to play it over and over again. In my personal opinion, one of the most fun games I have played all year and it shows just why people continuously buy the lego games every year.

My Score – 9/10


The Good

  • Original Story & Well Scripted
  • Great Open World with plenty of tasks
  • Great Voice Cast
  • Familiar Gameplay
  • Big Figs
  • Great Level Design

The Bad

  • Lack of certain characters
  • A Few Glitches
  • Minor Freezing Problems
  • Too many versions of Iron Man
  • Certain Characters like Deadpool & The Guardians of the Galaxy not in Story Mode

Review by Matthew McNamee

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