Resident Evil: Escape From Raccoon City – My Thoughts

So back in September, I posted an article telling how Universal had made an agreement with Capcom to make a Resident Evil haunted house at their annual Halloween event; Halloween Horror Nights. I told all of you I would be attending and I would share my thoughts when I got back to the UK. Well I’m back in the UK & here are my thoughts.

After waiting about 1 hour & 30 minutes to get in, I was happy to be introduced to the first room of the maze; The streets of Raccoon City. Sirens on the police cars going off, It wasn’t long before the zombies started to come out in force grabbing guests and shuffling towards them as Leon shoots at them from the top of a nearby police car. The next room was based around the Italian restaurant from Resident Evil 3. In the restaurant, A zombie chef is seen feasting on the remains of an unfortunate customer while another Zombie burst out from a coke fridge.


The room after contained what appeared to be a kitchen level from Resident Evil 2 if I can remember rightly and featured a Zombie that lunged at guests over the kitchen counters aswell as another who occasionally popped out from behind a door. After you were done in the kitchen, it was time to head for the cleaners; The Dry Cleaners where the zombie Rottweilers feasted on a dad body before lunging at guests through numerous sets of dry cleaning. After confronting the Rottweilers, We were joined by Jill Valentine for a few minutes who shot at an army of Lickers who were spitting at the crowd of guests aswell as bursting through the steel walls & hanging onto the walls, Only to be confronted by a surprise Zombie & Nemesis shooting at the crowd.


The next room is a sight for sore eyes as you enter a save station with a fully working Typewriter and extra supplies of Guns & Ammunition. Keeping with the pace of toned down from the action; You enter a room in a fully paused state as Leon shoots at an attacking Tyrant. Then straight away your thrown right back into the middle of all the carnage as you walk through the outside sewer tunnels come face to face with numerous zombies aswell as a very bloodthirsty Hunter who bursts out of a wall. Finally, You enter your final showdown just outside R.C.P.D. where even more zombies attempt to take you down and you go head to head with Nemesis. You can then know you accomplished (Failed) your task as you exit to a “You’re Dead” wall projection.

All in all, the house was actually the weakest house at the event (scare wise) but it was really fun to actually go into these settings from some of the greatest games in history and feel like the survivors. As I said it was weak as far as scares went but it was one of the only houses apart from The Cabin in the Woods that actually made fans appreciate what was done. Little things like the typewriter to the Tyrant made this house a great maze in its own right. All I can say now that the event is over, If it returns at next years event (Which is unlikely due to rumors suggesting it will be Dead Space) purchase a ticket to florida & Halloween horror nights and judge it on your own terms.

I hope you have enjoyed this minor review about this haunted house and to thank you for reading; the actual house walkthrough is just below (Video rights belong to TheTimTracker). Thanks for reading.

Article by Matthew McNamee



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