PES: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Review

Every year, Gamers like to avoid the big world of sports by entering the virtual world of sports and as each year passes, all of the big companies come forward with their own entries in famous sports series ranging between different sports like football and wrestling. The big companies responsible for these titles are EA & 2K however every year, Konami attempts to steal the spotlight from EA’s Fifa series with their annual entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. This year is no different and with the next generation coming up and Konami’s new FOX engine can Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 better its former predecessors.

As far as gameplay goes, the game runs a lot smoother than previous entries to the series making passing and other techniques much easier to perform. The game also has numerous tutorial modes so that if you are not exactly the best at football games, you can learn moves quickly to make you stand a chance against your fellow players. The tutorials cover everything from simple passing maneuvers and tackling to tricks that involve more skill and shooting techniques. The new FOX engine also helps in bringing PES back into the modern era with advanced physics as well as new animations and cloth textures to give one of the best football simulations made giving life to each on field player.


While this is a huge step up from previous entries in the PES series, There are still some pretty major flaws thanks to Fifa 14. For starters, In this game, there is no weather changing including lack of rain due to a recent deal EA made to be in control of weather in football licensed games. Another major flaw comes in the form of the playable teams who once again (thanks to Fifa) is in short supply of some major teams including big teams like Manchester City, Liverpool & Chelsea to name a few.

As far as graphics and environments go, the game is stunning and pretty much looks like your staring out of a window. The grass textures used for the pitch aswell as the graphics used on the players themselves gives the game so much life and the stadiums are home to this new breath of life. The stadiums are also home to the brand new crowd system which makes the crowd a lot more alert so much so that a simple action such as a nasty tackle will make the crowd boo & jeer at the player responsible.


All in all, I think that this installment is a huge improvement from previous Pro Evo games however it does lack quite a few major teams and the inclusion of weather which is a huge blow to this game however with all the improvements including graphics, the new game engine and the new breath of life breathed into the franchise this game is certainly the first step into the evolution of the Pro Evo series and hopefully if Konami can sort out some deals with some teams and iron out the problems with this entry in the series. The future of PES will look stunning.

My Rating – 7.9/10

The Good:

  • Fantastic Graphics
  • Smoother Gameplay Mechanics
  • More Alert Crowd
  • Tutorials to help beginners
  • Advanced Physics that help give life to each player

The Bad:

  • Lack of big teams like Manchester City & Chelsea
  • Lack of Weather Conditions

Review by Matthew McNamee


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