Call of Duty: Ghosts Online Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

In the midst of the news that Grand Theft Auto Online was being shown, Activision chose not to miss out on the fun and have shown the world first multiplayer gameplay footage from their upcoming installment in the annual Call of Duty franchise; Call of Duty: Ghosts. Check out the trailer below.

A few things can definitely be noticed rather easily such as the better looking graphics which lead to better looking maps, The gameplay seems to be running a lot smoother than previous Call of Duty titles as some of the games tend to lag online however whether this smoothness is in the final product remains to be seen. Finally though and easily the most notable, Call of Duty are following in Battlefields footsteps and progressing by adding the ability of destructible environments such as shooting out the columns of a gas station to make the roof collapse on your enemies. All of these add to your usual COD experience but needless to say this looks extremely enjoyable and is easily looking to be a great looking game that could possibly storm to the top of the charts on both current gen consoles aswell as next gen consoles. One thing is for certain, with Call of Duty & Battlefield both leading an all out war on both generations; This could be a good reason to buy an Xbox One or a PS4. Another feature revealed by Activision is that for the first time, This Call of Duty title will have female playable characters in Multiplayer.

Call of Duty Ghosts releases on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U & PC this November aswell as being a launch title for Xbox One & PS4 when they release later this year.

The Ghosts are coming
The Ghosts are coming

So what do you think? Does the multiplayer look better than previous installments or is it all the same to you? Would you buy this game and if so what generation? Hit me up in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for more news on Call of Duty Ghosts when it is unmasked.

Article by Matthew McNamee


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