Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

As many of you will know by now, Injustice Gods Among Us is a fighting game from NetherRealm studios who made the extremely good and gory Mortal Kombat reboot back in 2011. As a huge fan of both Mortal Kombat & Comic Book Heroes, I had to check this out but did it live up to my expectations? I am proud to say that yes it has. * Also to note, I am a huge comic book fan so I will try not to be biased in this review.*

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a brutal 1 v 1 fighting game where pretty much anything goes. The game runs with very smooth gameplay and since I started playing have not encountered a single lag or glitch and the freeflow combat blends very well into the many combos you can perform. For example: With Batman, you could quite easily do a diagonal uppercut straight into a Batarang combo then follow it up with a grapple shot and then perform a sliding kick before your opponent lands. What makes all of this more amazing is the fact it feels real as everything is done at a fast pace while the brutality of it is true to the darker side of DC comics. Another little thing that makes each character better than each other is there own special moves. For Example: Batman can run people over with the Batmobile while Superman can throw them into Space only to pound them straight back to Earth. There is also the inclusion of powers where each character can use a special ability to take more damage off their adversaries (With the exception of Wonder Woman). Like Green Arrows Power involves him doing more damage when using Arrows and Green Lanterns power sees him doing more damage when using moves which involve using willpower.


The Story is where Injustice truly shows its talent but it is also where it lets it down.  The story is just so gripping that you will want to play to find out what happens next and if you don’t stop, Then the story mode is over rather quickly; Even though Ed Boon promised a 3hr 30min campaign. The Story starts in an alternate universe where The Joker has nuked Metropolis killing Millions aswell as tricking Superman into killing Lois Lane & His Unborn Son. Driven by Anger, Superman murders The Joker in cold blood and starts a Regime where him and other meta humans start to become Judge, Jury & Executioner to the humans or other heroes who stand in their way. The only thing standing in his way is Batmans Rebellion titled “Insurgencey”. Due to a time enomoly, The twisted universe gets some unwelcome visitors in the form of the good Justice League who take on Superman & his evil forces to protect Humanity in both dimensions.

Like the Mortal Kombat games, There is plenty of unlockables but unlike Mortal Kombat where you buy your goodies from a Krypt or a Graveyard. Injustice has found a very clever way to incorporate it with the comics by allowing you to purchase new costumes, backgrounds, music & concept art aswell as in game bonuses by using access cards which are earned through playing the game to unlock files in the Justice League Archives. Another small thing that makes Injustice stand out from the crowd when it comes to fighting titles is a small feature included in certain parts of the single player campaign in which before a few big fights, You get to compete in small mini games. The most notable of these games include Batman throwing Batarangs at Lex Luthor, Joker throwing cards into Nightwing, Green Lantern deflecting Sinestros Attacks & Green Arrow shooting Solomon Grundy with a Barrage of Arrows (This mini game includes an aimable target).

Although the Season 1 DLC characters of Lobo, Batgirl, General Zod & MK’s Scorpion were slightly disappointing (apart from Lobo). It will be interesting to see what DLC they do now considering their recent releases (Martian Manhunter & Zatanna) are both characters that the players and fans have wanted. If they wanted they could include numerous characters in the future considering the game has the opportunity to include multiple non playable characters from the DC Universe including The Atom, Deadshot, Darkseid, Killer Croc & Scarecrow to name a few (Personally hoping for Rorshach, V & Plastic Man.) Some of these characters appear in stages interacting with the player characters during transitions. For example, if you send 1 enemy through the walls of Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow will inject them with his hallucinogenic to make your enemy think they are trapped in a nightmare.


The game also has multiple modes apart from the campaign including Online Versus, King of the Hill, Practice & Tutorial Modes, Classic Battle (Traditional Arcade Ladder), Battle mode which sees you fight every character in the game and finally the S.T.A.R Labs Missions in which you play as a certain character for so many missions which range between Battles & Mini Games with each Mission having a total of 3 stars to earn where if you can get all 720 stars, you earn a trophy/achievement.

With Injustice, Only a few things bothered me. As previously stated, The story was so gripping I couldn’t put it down therefore I completed the story in a very short amount of time which to be fair I would have liked a longer story mode where all characters have playable segments. Another thing that bothers me is the fact there is no unlockable stages. The stages that are included are really cool but once you have done all of the stage transitions and destroyed everything at least once. The stages get kind of repetitive. The one final thing I have to complain about is not entirely linked to the game but the creators at Netherrealm who thought it would be a good idea to unlock costumes in the console versions by achieving objectives in the iOS version of the game which isn’t very good considering some people don’t want an iPod but want all the DLC (Especially considering there is an awesome Batman Beyond costume). Other than those few problems though, the game is great.


All in all, Injustice has the perfect element of Mortal Kombats brutal fighting element mixed with some of the best that DC comics has to offer. The story mode is dark, gripping and like most of the comics has you rooting for the good guys. The voice cast are great with Kevin Conroy (Batman Arkham games), Khary Payton (StarHawk), Adam Baldwin (DC Universe Online), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Metroid) & Phil LaMarr (Metal Gear Solid) aswell as Stephen Amell (Arrow) for those who have the Arrow DLC Skin. The game could use extra stages aswell as a few tweaks here and there but Injustice truly is a great game and NetherRealm has proven to us that DC Superheroes are truly Gods amongst Men.

Reviewed by Matt McNamee

My Rating – 8.6/10

The Good: Gripping Story
Smooth Freeflow Combat
Amazing Combos
Stage Transitions & Powers
Special Moves
Great Voice Cast
The Ability to Clash aswell as Interact with the Environment
Mini Games

The Bad: Sometimes feels like Mortal Kombat
Story to short
Certain Costumes only available via iOS
Stages sometimes get boring and repetitive


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