The Weekend Playlist – Week ending 11th August 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to The Weekend Playlist where myself & associates discuss what has been occupying our weekends so we may share our opinions on games, movies, tv shows, books/articles and music so you may decide whether or not your willing to try them. So without further ado, lets begin.


Matthew McNamee: Chief Editor at UGNN:

Last game you played – Dead Rising 2

So I went back and decided to play through Dead Rising 2 and I can’t stop thinking this. This game is purely amazing. Just the ability to walk around and kill zombies with numerous weapons and fighting psychopaths like Tigers, This game is just brilliant. The humor is great and the bosses are pretty difficult depending on your experience.

Last Movie(s) you watched – Bride of Chucky & Tinkerbell

So this weekend I watched 2 films. The first one I watched was Bride of Chucky. All I can say about this film is that its a must watch; Its just so funny and gave the world its first encounter with puppet sex (Next one was Team America) aswell as extremely brutal gore and the best part is it all came from the guy who brought us Freddy vs. Jason. The next film I watched was Tinkerbell. I was browsing through the TV channels this morning and found this on 5. It was actually really good and a lot better than I was expecting; Hell there was a bit in that film that had me laughing for a while. Definitely watch both of these if you get a chance.

Last TV show(s) you watched – Breaking Bad & The Inbetweeners

So the other night, I watched the final 4 episodes of Breaking Bad Season 4 and my god, all I could think was; this is one of the most amazing and captivating shows on TV alongside The Walking Dead, Arrow & The Following. Bryan Cranston definitely deserved all the awards he won. The other show I watched was The Inbetweeners on E4. It looks like they are showing all the previous seasons so I just watched the pilot again and it still makes me laugh to this day. One of the greatest comedy shows ever made. Seriously Watch Both.

Last Book or Article you read – New Disney/Marvel Project

So I am a huge comic book fan so when I heard Disney & Marvel are collaborating for something “Weird” I had to have a look at the article and judging from what I was reading it looks like its going to be a comic book series based on decent Disney show; Gravity Falls.

Last piece of music you listened to – Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

I absolutely adore this song. By far the greatest song in existence and it was used to advertise the greatest video game franchise in existence; Assassin’s Creed. Check out the fan made Assassin’s Creed III Music Video for this song below and succumb to its awesomeness.


Connor Cleminson: Associate of UGNN:

Last game you played – Battlefield 3

Well I really enjoy the game but their are a couple of problems that I’ve encountered (like glitches).

Last movie you watched – Total Recall (2012)

The new film was much better than the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger due to it being set on earth where it looks more realistic.

Last TV show you watched – Don’t call me Crazy

The show was eye opening to me due to the many rise in teenagers treating their lives as a waste of space

Last book or article you read – Happy Reunion

The last article I have read was from a magazine which was about a woman who was burnt while she was a baby and the story tell you how she was picked on while growing up by many people and the story was heart warming when she finally meet the fireman who rescued her when she was in a basket in a burning home.

Last piece of music you listened to – Get Lucky by Daft Punk

The last bit of music I listened to was the new single from Daft Punk the song was called get lucky brilliant song.


ThaMaskedGamer: Associate of UGNN & YouTube Uploader:

Last game you played – Call of Duty: Black Ops II

A great game which you could easily play if you ever got bored.

Last movie you watched – Kiss of the Dragon

Its a great film with awesome martial arts performed by Jet Li a really good film I would recommend.

Last TV show you watched – Dexter

DEXTER is by far THE BEST show ever I think its amazing very addictive once you have watched one you want to watch the rest 🙂 shame that season 8 is the final season 🙂

Last book or article you read – Court gets a “fresh” new case

I Have Not red any articles apart from about some dude sueing subway because they served him a 11inch sandwich instead of a footlong.

Last piece of music you listened to – Monster Remix DotEXE

This is an amazing remix of a great song and is such a catchy song so if you have not heard it you should check it out.

So everyone, That is our weekend playlists. What did you think? What are yours? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to keep an eye out here for Weekend Playlists next week.


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