Deadpool Review

Since his first appearance in 1991, Deadpool has been one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters and has since built up a huge following on his own so when people heard that High Moon Studios (Creators of the Transformers Cybertron Games) was making a video game all about The Merc with a Mouth; They were ecstatic so does this game live up to the hype.

I can tell you now this game definitely lives up to its hype and it has to be one of the most fun games I have ever experienced. The whole game stays true to Deadpool form in the fact that the game constantly breaks the fourth wall whether it be Deadpools many insults towards the player to him refusing to accept Ryan Reynolds’ Friend Request & even the fact he phones up Nolan North to ask him to do voice over for his game. The game also features numerous cameos from X-Men characters like Wolverine & Cable and even the deadly Mr. Sinister.


The game starts out with Deadpool receiving a script from High Moon Studios for his video game which basically tells him what he has to do (Before he scribbles it all out with crayons) and so he heads out for his first job to take down a media mogul but sure enough, one thing leads to another and soon Deadpool gets caught up in a huge conspiracy involving Mr. Sinister, The Marauders and The X-Men all on Genosha.

The Gameplay in Deadpool is a generic third person shooter/action-adventure/hack and slash which can sometimes become extremely repetitive however the game makes up for that with Deadpools witty humor and puns. Essentially although this game mainly fits into the three genres listed above, Deadpool is really just a parody of the entire video game industry with some moments in the game going all retro (Due to Deadpool blowing the budget) and even references to old carnival games.


Although I know I shouldn’t expect great graphics from a game based on a comic book, It really is the graphics in my opinion that lets Deadpool down considering in this game when you slice people, they pretty much explode whereas in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; When you sliced an enemy, you saw the guts coming out or the head flying off in slow motion and in Wolverine it looked real compared to this title.

The other mode in the game; Challenge mode is pretty much a survival mode in which you must take on an onslaught of enemies on a map of your choice. Each map is based on a location from the story campaign with maps based around locations like Genosha & Magneto’s Citadel. Another nifty feature to this game is the ability to upgrade Deadpool. When you start the game, you get pistols and swords but through upgrading him with DP points (The Games Currency) you can get 2 other melee weapons (Sais & Hammers) and 3 different guns (Machine Guns, Shotguns & Pulse Rifles) but you may also purchase multiple traps and grenades and player upgrades to help increase health, critical hits and combos.


All in all, High Moon have made Deadpool  an extremely fun and violent video game that is a must have for any Marvel fan (Especially a Deadpool one) and has enough humor to keep you laughing for hours from the in game jokes to the methods of murder however the hack and slash style gameplay can be sometimes repetitive. I loved this game but some people might disagree with me so all I can recommend is that you rent it.

My Rating – 7.8/10

The Good:

  • great humor
  • ultra violence
  • Nolan North doing VO
  • upgrade system
  • fitting tribute to the video game genre
  • the conversations between Deadpool’s personalities
  • interactions with the player
  • references and cameos

The Bad:

  • gameplay gets repetitive
  • enemies can be really annoying
  • game over screens start to repeat dialogue
  • graphics
  • ammo limitations

Review by Matthew McNamee


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