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Underneath is the collective information on everything you need to know about the gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda. If there is anything I have missed out, please let me know down in the comments and I will amend the article ASAP.


System Map:

On the system map, you will be able to explore 37 different systems around the Helius cluster. With these 36 different systems, there are 100s of different planets and a “handful” of these, you will be able to explore.

galaxy map.png

This sounds really good and though some people will be complaining because there are only a “handful” or explorable planets, I would prefer only a handful amazingly crafted planets with loads of detail and storylines, compared to 100s of bland planets with similar landscapes and characters. As No Man’s Sky has taught us, you can advertise that you have infinite worlds, but if they aren’t unique, then what is the point; as long as a “handful” means at least 4 huge worlds, I am a happy customer.

There isn’t just planets that you can land on either; there are also “anomolies”, star-ships and asteroid/comets. These will offer different environments to the player and make the it so you aren’t just exploring planet after planet. The explorable star-ships makes me think that they may be triggered when certain events happen and if this is linked to the player’s choices then that will be a very nice addition.


When you land on one of the “handful” of explorable planets, there will be a lot of landmarks that you will be able to explore. After finding a landing zone, you will be able to take your Nomad out to explore these planets.


Each planet that you can land on has there own local or global hazards that are constantly effecting the player. From what we have seen so far, there is definitely going to be a fire hazard that slowly drains power away from your suit. If I was to guess, I would also say that there will be a cold hazard and toxic hazard, but these are unconfirmed.

forward stations.png

To combat these hazards, you will need to seek shelter, or set up forward stations. These stations will be created while exploring the planet and they will act as fast travel points and safe havens for the player.


If you land on a planet which is occupied by an alien race or your own, there will be outposts dotted around the map, these outposts will offer there own unique storylines that you, the player, may or may not decide to begin.

Though not confirmed, there will probably be the assortment of traders and social areas to access whilst at these outposts.


Every planet has there own viability. This is a percentage on the viability of your species staying on this planet. To increase this viability, you can do several things:

  • Pacify threats
  • Ally yourself with the locals
  • Solving environmental problems
  • Accomplishing tasks specific to the planet

If you were to reach at least 40% viability, you will be able to create an outpost on the planet and upgrade the Nexus. Exploration and discoveries will also grant you A.V.P or Andromeda Viability Points. What these will allow you to do, is if you were to reach the A.V.P threshold, you will be able to wake up more of the colonists from Cryosleep; Who you decide to wake up will effect what perks you receive from the colonists. There are 3 different varieties of colonists in cryosleep:

  1. Scientists: Selected for their years of field experience and ingenuity under pressure, these scientists’ expertise can quickly improve the Initiative’s research and resource gathering capabilities.
  2. Military: Military veterans from across the Milky Way have brought their expertise to Andromeda, including advanced combat training and wilderness survival skills.
  3. Commerce: Trade is the lifeblood of civilisation. These talented merchants and entrepreneurs can use their connections to acquire rare items, grow financial investments, or improve inventory management.

If you were to wake up the scientists, you would receive an edge in resource and development, military would give you an edge in combat and commerce pods will give you a leg up in trading.


On various planets, there will also be vaults which are old ruins from the old remnant species. Opening these is said to be a task in and of itself and to open them may “take you across an entire world”. What these vaults actually are still remains a mystery, but we know that they all seemed to be linked from one world to the next. We also know that when you are inside, they act like a boss where you will be tested on all the survival elements of Andromeda. You will use skills like, exploration, environmental navigation, puzzle solving and combat.


This is me speculating, but if these vaults do act as a kind of boss, reactivating these must come with a certain reward and so I think that you will either receive something extremely rare, or these vaults will all link into the main story. It is more likely that it is the latter, because they have mentioned that resolving the mystery of these vaults may hold the key to surviving in Andromeda.


The Nomad is the new Mako and if anyone has played Mass Effect 1, you will know how annoying the Mako was. Basically, the Mako was the car that you would explore planets with in Mass Effect 1, however the controls were awful and the exploration turned into more of a chore than a pleasure. However, in Andromeda, Bioware have said that they’ve fixed this with a brand new system in their new vehicle, the Nomad.

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