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Though there currently isn’t any video footage of the multiplayer currently available, other than the 4 seconds in the Playstation pre-order promo, there is some information that you’ll probably love to know.




The only gamemode which we have seen concerning the beta seems to be a wave mode where you will fend of waves of enemies. In the image above, other than the wave counter, there is also a timer. This counts up and so is confusing, because surely that is completely pointless in a wave based gamemode. This has led to the speculation that if you were to complete a wave in a short amount of time, you will be rewarded for your speed.

Along with this gamemode, you seem to have an objective while you fight of the waves of enemies. From the 4-second gameplay and single screenshot which we have been given, it seems that there is a second objective to killing the waves of enemies. This is in the form of stations or “data-transfer points”, which you have to capture? Hack? Little information is known at the moment so it is mainly speculation, but I will be sure to add to this section when Bioware and EA release new content concerning the beta.


Another piece of information which was given to us by Fernando Melo, BioWare producer, was a screenshot for the character system in the multiplayer.


This character system seems to follow the same system as other games like For Honor, Overwatch etc. This system has been confirmed to be sorted by rarity and it looks like you will be able to fight as other non-human species, most importantly a female krogan. Other races which it looks like you can play as include, asari, silurian and turian. All of these characters will level up individually, like in For Honor, and will offer unique play-styles to the player.


One of the more exciting gameplay changes that has happened between Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda is Power Cooldowns. In Mass Effect 3, if you were to use any of your powers, it would result in a global cooldown timer on all of your powers. This could result in some frustrating moments because you might hold back on using a power because you might need to use another one later. This has been completely changed in Andromeda with the inclusion of local power cooldowns. This means that each power has there own individual cooldown bar and this results in faster and smoother gameplay. It also allows for power combos that you set-up by yourself instead of having to organise multiple people to attack simultaneously.

Another new addition to the Andromeda multiplayer is the jet-pack which is also included in the single-player; this allows for more vertical maps with more fluid environments. The problem in Mass Effect 3 was that if you wanted to reach a different level of the map, you would have to climb a ladder or run up a ramp. This halted the gameplay and so with the jet-pack, this eliminates this problem.

Enemies have also been completely modified with enemies being dedicated to flushing you out of cover and other enemies staying back to get the cheeky distance shot. This means that instead of staying in cover and defending a location for wave after wave, you will have to move around constantly, keeping the gameplay fresh and fast.


Another new system to the Andromeda multiplayer is the new prestige system. This new system uses another kind of xp alongside the standard xp. This “prestige xp” will be gained depending on the play-style of the player. If you play as a heavy biotic, then every character with heavy biotics will increase their prestige. When you reach a certain amount of this xp, in any character style, you will receive a boost to all characters in the form of health boosts etc.

Though this system sounds rather confusing, I think it’s a great idea to keep players interested in the game. It will allow for the players to focus on a play-style to try and reach the prestige xp threshold and receive the bonuses.


If you have read one of my articles before, you will know that I despise micro-transactions. In Mass Effect Andromeda, Blind Card Packs are making a return… If you don’t know, in Mass Effect 3, Blind Card Packs were random packs that gave you new weapons and skins. As this was random, if you were looking for a weapon, you could open 100s of packs and still not get it. I really don’t like the sound of this system as it means that people who put money into the multiplayer will have better weapons than those with the same play-time. I think that the system could work, if the balancing is perfect, but we will just have to see how it plays out in the coming weeks.

There is a way to bypass this system with another shop in the multiplayer. This is a rotational shop with items that you can buy; they come at a higher price, but at least this way you are guaranteed a certain weapon or character kit.

There is no word of the price of these “mission funds”, but for those who have the money and luck, you will be able to buy them at a fee to try and receive new weapons.

The Missing Beta:

Bioware and EA were planning on releasing a beta for the multiplayer of Mass Effect Andromeda in January; however January has passed, and so has February. This lead to some demand by the fans for answers on when and where the beta will be taking place. On March 2nd, Fernando Melo, a BioWare producer, said on Twitter that the beta was canceled…

Though this came to a disappointment to fans who had signed up back in November to try this “multiplayer tech test”, Bioware also announced that the multiplayer will be playable at the Mass Effect Andromeda booth at PAX East; this will take place between the 10th and the 12th March.

Campaign Tie-in:

The main problem with Mass Effect 3s multiplayer was the requirement to play the multiplayer to get the best ending. This was done by implementing the multiplayer into the galactic readiness of the single-player. This left a lot of fans outraged and so a patch was made to stop this from happening.

And so when it was announced that the Andromeda multiplayer would have tie-ins to the single-player, fans kind of started to worry and ask a lot of questions to the development team. What we currently know is that it somewhere in the middle of no tie-in and Mass Effect 3 levels of tie-in. We also know that there might be side missions which you can do in multi-player or single-player if you want; this will work well if the enemies are balanced depending on the amount of players taking part in the mission.

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